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As a retired police officer, my emphasis is on building pistols for duty and self-defense. Reliability, accuracy, safety, and ergonomics are the important elements of a self-defense pistol and I’ve designed these packages with that in mind.

I have chosen some of the best components available and all pistols are built by me, one at a time.  Here is some information about the modifications and parts used. Specific parts and options are listed on each package:

Barrels, Bushings & Guide Rods:

I use stainless steel match barrels for most projects but a Kart carbon steel barrel is also available. A bushing with a thick flange is used along with a standard recoil spring guide and a recoil spring plug. Barrel bushings are fit finger tight so they can be removed by hand without a bushing wrench, which makes it easier to field strip the pistol in the field. If you’d like it fit tighter, please let me know.

Ignition Parts:

My Ultimate ignition parts, which are CNC and EDM machined from high-quality tool steel bar stock, are used. I carefully fit these components to give a crisp 4 to 4.5 lb. trigger pull.


My triggers have solid aluminum shoes with stainless steel bows that are fit to the frame with minimum vertical play. They have a permanent overtravel that will never come loose that are installed in the rear of the trigger so there is not a hole in the front of the trigger shoe. Triggers are available in short and long lengths with smooth surfaces.

Grip Safeties:

The Chip McCormick safety is similar in shape to an Ed Brown grip safety. This is a MIM (metal injection molding) but is high quality and very consistent. Other grips safeties are sometimes used such as those made by S&A and EGW.

Thumb Safeties:

Ed Brown, EGW, and Wilson Bulletproof safeties are used. The Ed Brown is a cast part and the EGW and Wilson Bulletproof are machined from bar stock.  These parts are strong and straight.  The EGW safety comes with a wide lever that I narrow and reshape.  I can cut the rear of the lever at an angle, which is similar in shape to an Ed Brown tactical safety or I can cut a radius on the rear of the lever, which leaves more of the lever intact.  The Wilson safety has a contoured lever that has a lower profile that is more snag resistant.  For those that desire an ambi safety, I prefer the Wilson Bullet Proof.  This is a sturdy part that is stronger than any other ambi that I’ve seen.


I have traditional double diamond checkered cocobolo grips and G10 checkered grips. If you have a choice that is not listed here, please let me know.

Front Strap Textures:

Front straps are available with scallops or 25 line per inch checkering.

Mainspring Housings & Magwells:

Choose from flat mainspring housings with scallops or checkered 25 LPI. Stan Chen’s excellent mainspring housing is also available. The shape of this mainspring housing allows the magazine well chamfer to be cut deep into the mainspring housing giving the widest opening available without adding a mag well.


I use the rear sight made by pistolsmith John Harrison.  This site is nicely shaped and has a ledge that allows you to cycle the slide by pushing it against a solid object but does not have any sharp edges to snag your hand.  This site has a square notch that is .135 wide which allows a little more daylight on both sides of the front sight for a fast target acquisition.  It has fine serrations to eliminate glare and is available without tritium or with 1 or 2 tritium lamps.  Hilton Yam’s excellent 10-8 rear sights are also available.

All front sights are dovetail mounted and secured to the slide with a rolling pin.  Front sights are available with tritium surrounded by a white ring, tritium without a white ring, a gold bead or plain black with serrations.

Slide Options:

Front cocking serrations, ball cuts, and French borders are available options.


Bluing, melonite, hard chrome, NP3 and Tungsten DLC are all available. All pistols receive a “dehorn” where the sharp edges are chamfered and rounded while leaving the pistol’s lines intact.  A light or a heavy chamfer can be applied to the pistol.

Price Quotes & Ordering:

The web page for each pistol has a link for an order form at the bottom of the page and the order form contains a complete list of features, options, and prices. Please send an email or call if you have any questions.  If you would like to discuss your pistol and place an order by phone please give me a call at 512-246-0803. I’ll be happy to discuss your ideas and answer any questions that you have.

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