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BFP (Basic Fighting Pistol)

The BFP is a basic practical pistol built on a standard Government Model that the customer provides. I’ve taken the Jeff Cooper “minimalist” concept of having improved sights, thumb safety, and trigger and added my own preference of a commander hammer. The pistol is tuned to increase reliability while also improving accuracy and ergonomics. The end result is a functional, reliable pistol that looks great and all sharp edges are removed while maintaining the classic lines of 1911.

My goal with this pistol is to minimize the cost and turnaround time by doing just the work necessary to improve the pistol and limit the options that are available. A separate waiting list will be kept for BFPs and I will build them between full custom pistol projects.


The BFP starts with improvements to the sights. The rear sight is the same one that I used when building the MEUSOC replica. This is a simple, rugged, high profile sight that fits in a standard rear dovetail. The .135 wide square notch gives a little extra light on both sides of the front sight in your sight picture. I feel that this helps in acquiring a rapid sight picture without sacrificing accuracy. This is paired with a black serrated dovetail front sight that is secured to the slide with a rolling pin.

A match barrel bushing is fit to your factory barrel. This is probably the single greatest accuracy improvement that you can make to a stock 1911 pistol. The barrel bushing is finger tight so it can be removed without a wrench. I use the EGW thick barrel bushing with a “carry bevel” and a standard thickness bushing is optional.


Berryhill Ultimate ignition parts are installed with a crisp 4 lb trigger pull. A traditional commander ring hammer is standard but a skeletonized commander hammer is optional. The Government Model grip safety is modified to work with a commander hammer by cutting a circular relief on the top, similar to the grip safety used by Colt on their Commander pistols.

An oversized trigger is fit to the frame with a minimum amount of vertical movement. My triggers have a permanent overtravel stop that will never come loose and are available in short or long lengths.


A properly tuned bar stock extractor is installed along with an oversized firing pin stop to keep the extractor from moving or “clocking.” A bar stock ejector is fit and tuned to allow the ejection of a loaded cartridge. The feed ramp is cut to the proper depth and polished to ensure reliable feeding of hollow points. The chamber dimensions are checked to ensure that it’s not undersized. A bar stock plunger tube is staked in place after chamfering the holes in the frame to ensure that it will not come loose.  A sturdy forged slide stop is also installed. Colt Series 70s, Springfield Armory GIs and other pistols with a high ejection port require the lowering and flaring of the ejection port listed under Options.


All sharp edges are carefully chamfered while maintaining the classic lines and the rear of the slide will be blended to match the rear of the frame and ejector. Colt Series 70s and Springfield Armory GIs will have the mag well beveled. A flat steel checkered mainspring housing and checkered grips are installed to improve your grip. An arched mainspring housing and several front strap textures are available as options.


Carbon steel pistols receive a matte blue finish with the sides of the slide polished while stainless steel pistols get a matte finish with a brushed finish on the sides of the slide. A satin black melonite finish is also available for both carbon steel and stainless steel pistols.

The standard features include: 

– MEUSOC rear sight (.135 wide notch) with black serrated dovetail front sight
– EGW thick barrel bushing fit your factory barrel. The bushing is fit finger tight to the slide.
– Muzzle cut flush with bushing and recrowned
– Berryhill Ultimate ignition parts including a Commander ring hammer, sear, and disconnector
– 4 to 4.25 lb. trigger job
– Solid match trigger with a permanent overtravel stop in long or short length.
– Berryhill Ultimate forged slide stop
– Bar stock extractor and oversized firing pin stop.
– Extended Ed Brown thumb safety.
– Grip safety modified for use with Commander hammer.
– Flat steel mainspring housing checkered 25 LPI
– Bar stock ejector
– Bar stock plunger tube staked with the frame holes properly chamfered
– Wolf 16 lb recoil spring and heavy duty firing pin spring
– Pistol tuned for reliable feeding and function
– Test fired and zeroed using 230 gr. FMJ ammo.
– Your choice of cocobolo or G10 checkered grips
– Mild dehorn – round and bevel all external edges while maintaining the original lines
– Satin blue finish for carbon steel pistols
– Satin finish with the sides of the slides brushed for stainless steel pistols
– Includes 1 stainless steel 8-round magazine

Available options include:

– Long or short serrated trigger – no charge
– Lower and flare ejection port plus bevel the mag well $85 (required on Colt Series 70s, Springfield Armory GIs or other pistols without these features)
– Ultimate hammer (skeletonized Commander hammer) – no charge
– Standard GI thickness barrel bushing – no charge
– Tritium (+$45), gold bead (+$60) or white dot insert (+$40) installed in front sight
– 10-8 NM rear sight with .140 U-notch +$5
– EGW bar stock thumb safety +$50
– Wilson Bullet Proof bar stock tactical thumb safety +$50
– Wilson Bullet Proof bar stock Ambi thumb safety +$130

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