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AFP (Advanced Fighting Pistol) – Modern Self-Defense Pistol

The AFP (Advanced Fighting Pistol) is my idea of a modern self-defense pistol.  This 1911 is built to be reliable, accurate and ergonomic.  This pistol has heavier chamfering on the edges than my other pistols but it still retains the classic lines of the pistol and is not “melted.”  Here are the standard specs for the pistol and plenty of options are available to customize it to suit your tastes.

AFP Specs:

-Forged frame
– Bar stock slide with angled rear cocking serrations
– Ultimate ignition parts including an Ultimate hammer, sear, and disconnector
– 4 to 4.5 lb. trigger job
– Solid match trigger with the permanent overtravel stop in your choice of length and texture.
– Harrison rear sight
– Dovetail tritium front sight with a white ring
– Stainless steel match barrel.
– EGW thick barrel bushing with beveled edge, fit finger tight to the slide
– Muzzle cut flush with bushing and crowned
– Ultimate forged slide stop
– Tuned for reliability with a bar stock extractor and oversized firing pin stop
– Bar stock extended thumb safety.
– Beavertail grip safety
– Beveled mag well
– Scallops on front strap
– Flat steel mainspring housing with scallops
– Lowered and flared ejection port
– Bar stock ejector tuned to allow ejection of a live round
– Bar stock plunger tube properly staked to the frame
– Wolf 16 lb recoil spring and heavy duty firing pin spring
– G10 grips
– Heavy chamfer on external edges while maintaining the original lines
– Matte blue with the sides of the slide polished
– Includes 2 stainless steel magazines

Options include:

– Government Model, Commander or Bobtail Commander
– Long or short smooth trigger
– Harrison rear sight without tritium or with 1 or 2 tritium dots
– 10-8 rear sights also available
– Front sight having tritium with a white ring, tritium without white ring, gold bead or plain black serrated
– EGW or Wilson bar stock thumb safety, Wilson bar stock Ambi thumb safety
– Berryhill Ultimate forged slide stop with flat or curved lever, EGW bar stock slide stop
– Ultimate ring hammer instead of skeletonized hammer
– Light chamfer on the edges of the pistol instead of heavy chamfer

– Round butt
– Cut slide stop pin flush with frame and chamfer the frame hole
– Extra extractor fit and tuned
– Front cocking serrations
– Ball cuts on front of slide, cut to line up with end of frame
– Stan Chen MSH with deep mag well chamfer


Finish Option Includes:

– Matte blue with the sides of the slide polished
– Hard chrome with satin finish
– NP3
– Tungsten DLC

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