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Best 4 Ankle Holster Reviews: Ready to Conceal Carry?

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Ankle holsters are one of the best ways to conceal your guns. There are a lot many ankle holsters available in the market but being in possession of a good ankle holster makes a difference. Holsters are primarily used for concealing the pistols and for not letting everybody know that you are carrying a gun. If you have a licensed pistol, you cannot always take it in your hands so an ankle holster is one of the best ways in which you can carry your firearms tucked in a proper place designated especially for your firearms. There are several types of holsters available in the market, one of most popular holster is 1911 shoulder holster. Here are the reviews of the best ankle holsters available in the market that you can buy to have an appropriate concealing for your weapon.

Ankle Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33

These ankle holsters are made of pure leather and can be used to carry Glock 26, 27 and 33. This ankle holster needs to be broken in before use and may be in the start you may find problems ion fitting your gun properly in the holster but as time passes the leather will mold and will move down to provide your weapon a proper fit in your ankle holster. The designer ankle holster comes in both models for the right and left boot and has a smooth covering. It also has reinforced straps that provide you easy access to your gun. The calf straps allow the owner to wear these ankle holsters on top of thick boots too and also provides the appropriate support needed to keep the gun in place.

Outbags OB-31ANK Ankle Holster

Outbags holster is also one of the most popular holsters available in the market to conceal your firearms. These holsters are made of nylon material and are available at reasonable prices that you can afford easily. It has an ankle brace made of neoprene unlike other braces made of elastic which deforms after few multiple uses. These neoprene braces do not distort and helps in providing the proper fit to your pistols.  These holsters have a long way to go, and no other holster can beat the comfortableness constraint of an outbag ankle holster.

Pro-Tech Outdoors Concealed Ankle Holster

The pro-tech ankle holster comes as an excellent gift for those who want to buy concealer for their gun at a low price. This type of ankle holster is made of nylon and has straps made of Velcro to secure your weapon. These holsters are water resistant and have a long life making it a perfect and durable solution for you if you don’t have a habit of changing your holsters frequently. It stays in place and does not cause a sense of uneasiness while you are walking with your gun loaded in the ankle holster.

DTOM AH3 Neoprene Ankle Holster

This ankle holster has the capability of accommodating different varieties of pistols and can be a multipurpose option for you. The holster is made of neoprene and nylon materials, and the band can be easily wrapped around the ankles with the Velcro strap attached to the holster. It keeps the gun intact in its place and secures it firmly. This type of holster is made considering the comfort factor of the user and can be a good option to conceal your gun.

If you don’t want to use any holster as many users found it uncomfortable, you can use quick access shotgun safe which you can keep in your home and car.

So whenever you are buying ankle holsters, you can choose a concealer taking in account various factors such as the materials, straps and other comfort features of the holster according to your choice and preferences.

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1911 Gunsmithing Services

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TR01 – Trigger job with Ultimate commander ring hammer, sear, disconnector and hammer strut, 4 to 6 lbs with full power springs (trigger not included) 220.00
TR02 – Trigger job with Ultimate commander hammer (skeletonized hammer), sear, disconnector and hammer strut, 4 to 6 lbs with full power springs (trigger not included) 220.00
TR03 – Trigger job with EGW Lightened Hammer, sear, disconnector and hammer strut, 4 to 6 lbs with full power springs (trigger not included) 220.00
TR04 – Trigger job using your existing hammer, disconnector & strut (Colt & some other hammers are usable, MIM hammers are not). Includes new tool steel sear (Series 80 pistols also require TR10 to adjust safety levers) 130.00
TR10 – Series 80 pistols – adjust safety levers for proper function. 15.00
TR11 – Bob spur hammer to eliminate hammer bite 45.00 TR20 – Solid aluminum match trigger installed – smooth, short length with permanent overtravel stop 55.00
TR21 – Solid aluminum match trigger installed – smooth, long length with permanent overtravel stop 55.00
TR22 – 3-hole aluminum match trigger installed – serrated, long length with adjustable overtravel set screw. 55.00
TR23 – Custom solid aluminum trigger with smooth, slightly curved trigger shoe – short, medium & long lengths 72.00
Note: adding a commander hammer to a standard Government Model grip safety requires GR01 for hammer clearance


AC01 – Match grade bushing installed – EGW thick flange bushing with carry bevel (blue or stainless). 70.00
AC02 – Match grade bushing installed – Standard GI thickness bushing (blue or stainless)
70.00 AC03 – Long nose recoil spring plug to match a thick flange bushing (smooth) 15.00
AC04 – Standard recoil spring plug to match standard GI bushing (checkered) 15.00
AC10 – Install Kart carbon steel match barrel & thick carry bevel bushing (5″ Govt Model, unramped .45 ACP). Includes barrel, bushing, link & pin. Installation includes reaming chamber, shaping & polishing the frame’s feed ramp. 360.00
Note: Barrel bushings are fit “finger tight” so they can be removed from the slide without a bushing wrench. Tighter fits are available upon request.
AC20 – Mill frame for ramped barrel 115.00
AC21- Re-crown muzzle, standard “GI” style 25.00
AC22 – Reverse muzzle crown – deep crown, barrel flush with bushing & polished 50.00
AC30 – Tighten slide-to-frame fit – laser weld frame rails & re-fit slide 250.00
AC31 – Fit oversized frame & slide 125.00


RELIABILITY INSPECTION & TUNE: Inspect and tune the pistol for 100% reliable feeding including the following: Inspect barrel for proper chamber dimensions and throat; ream and correct if necessary and polish. Check extractor hook geometry & tension, adjust if necessary. Inspect & polish feed ramp. Inspect & polish breech face, deburr firing pin hole. Chamfer and/or polish all necessary surfaces in the cartridge feeding path to ensure 100% reliable feeding. Inspect the barrel timing, lug engagement, barrel crown, plunger tube, extractor, ejector, slide stop, all safeties, link clearance in frame, “bow tie” relief on the vertical impact surface and all springs. 95.00

Based upon the inspection, your pistol may require additional work such as installing a new ejector, machining the feed ramp to the proper geometry, machining the bow tie relief cut, increasing the link clearance, re-crown barrel, lowering and/or flaring the ejection port and replacing springs. Some Springfield Armory pistol will require drilling and installing a pin to secure the ejector. Springfield Armory GIs, Colt Series 70s and other pistols with a high ejection port will require SL01 to lower & flare the ejection port.

RE01 – Fit oversized firing pin stop with choice of standard or small radius on bottom edge 35.00
RE02 – Bar stock extractor installed and tuned 70.00
RE03 – Install bar stock plunger tube with frame holes properly chamfered & secured with loctite 40.00
RE04 – Machine frame’s feed ramp to proper dimensions & polish (non-ramped barrels) 50.00
RE05 – Machine vertical impact surface in frame with “bow tie” relief cut 35.00
RE06 – Extended ejector installed (5” Government Models without live cartridge relief at front of ejection port) 60.00
RE07 – Extended ejector installed plus relieve front of ejection port to allow ejection of live cartridge (for Commanders & shorter slides) 100.00
RE08 – Drill frame and install ejector pin (Springfield Armory pistols) 30.00
RE09 – Install steel feed ramp insert in aluminum frame 135.00
RE10 – Machine Bob Marvel disconnector ramp in slide 40.00


SI01 – Stake-on front sight installed – labor only 30.00
SI02 – Machine slide & install pre-made dovetail front sight, pinned to slide – labor only 50.00
SI03 – Machine slide & install Novak-type dovetail front sight blank, cut to correct height, serrated & pinned to slide – serrated black 85.00
SI04 – Machine slide & install SDM dovetail front sight blank, cut to correct height, serrated & pinned to slide with dovetail blended to slide – serrated black 130.00
SI10 – 14K gold bead added to front sight 60.00
SI11 – White plastic dot added to front sight 40.00
SI12 – Tritium installed in front sight with white ring around the tritium 50.00
SI14 – Tritium installed in front sight without white ring 45.00
SI20 – 10-8 NM rear sight installed, fits in standard Colt/GI rear dovetail 70.00
SI21 – Harrison retro rear sight, fits in standard Colt/GI rear dovetail 75.00
SI30 – Novak low mount rear sight installed (black, .125 or .140 square notch) 120.00
SI31 – Heinie Slant Pro rear sight installed (low mount cut – plain black serrated) 124.00
SI32 – Harrison HD-04 low mount rear sight installed, plain black serrated 140.00
SI33 – Harrison HD-04 T1 low mount rear sight installed with 1 tritium dot (no white ring) 175.00
SI34 – Harrison HD-04 T2 low mount rear sight installed with 2 tritium dots (no white rings) 200.00
SI35 – Novak low mount rear sight installed, 2 tritium dots with white rings. 175.00
SI36 – Heinie Slant Pro Straight 8 tritium rear sight (low-mount cut, no white ring) 165.00
SI37 – Harrison fixed rear sight installed in Bo-Mar or LPA sight cut POR
SI38 – Bo-Mar style (Kensight) adj. rear sight installed in standard low-mount cut. (price varies depending on sight blade options) Prices start at: 190.00
SI39 – Bo-Mar style (Kensight) adj. rear sight installed in “melted” low-mount cut. (price varies depending on sight blade options) Prices start at: 220.00
SI40 – Bo-Mar style (Kensight) adj. rear sight installed in forward “protected” position. This is a “melted” low-mount cut moved forward from the rear of the slide. (price varies depending on sight blade options) Prices start at 250.00
SI60 – Widen rear sight notch 25.00
SI61 – Narrow front sight blade 25.00
SI70 – Test fire and zero sights with 230 gr. FMJ factory ammo 55.00


SL01 – Lower & flare ejection port 60.00
SL02 – Flare ejection port – for slides with ejection port already lowered 20.00
SL03 – Relieve front of ejection port to allow ejection of live cartridge (for Commanders & shorter slides) 40.00
SL10 – Serrate rear of slide 55.00
SL11 – Serrate rear of spare extractor 25.00
SL20 – Flatten & serrate top of slide 40 LPI, serrations end in square pattern at front sight 120.00
SL21 – Flatten & serrate top of slide 40 LPI, serrations end in pointed pattern at front sight 120.00
SL30 – Ball cuts on front of slide 100.00
SL31 – Front cocking serrations added to match rear serrations 100.00
SL32 – French borders on slide 90.00
SL40 – Hi-Power cuts on front of slide (should be done with ball cuts) 90.00
SL41 – Carry cuts on front of slide – same as Hi-Power cut but the angle at the rear of the cut matches the grip angle (should be done with ball cuts) 100.00


TS01 – Wilson Bulletproof bar stock thumb safety installed 93.00
TS02 – EGW bar stock thumb safety installed, lever narrowed & reshaped 140.00
TS03 – Novak bar stock thumb safety installed & lever reshaped 125.00
TS04 – Colt “Commercial” standard thumb safety installed 65.00
TS10 – Wilson Bulletproof ambi thumb safety installed 190.00
TS11 – Wilson Bulletproof wide ambi thumb safety installed, lever narrowed & reshaped 250.00



GR01 – Modify your GI-style grip safety for use with Commander hammer 40.00
GR02 – S&A or Les Baer beavertail grip safety installed – (S&A must be used on Springfield Armory pistols & Caspian frames) 141.00
GR03 – EGW bar stock beavertail grip safety installed 160.00
GR10 – Tune existing grip safety to unblock trigger sooner (labor only) 15.00
GR11 – Weld & re-fit existing grip safety arm to block trigger (labor only) 35.00


FR01 – Ultimate forged slide stop (flat lever) installed including groove for easy installation 60.00
FR02 – Ultimate forged slide stop (curved lever) installed including groove for easy installation 60.00
FR03 – EGW bar stock slide stop installed including groove for easy installation 70.00
FR04 – Add groove to slide stop for easy installation & avoid idiot scratch 15.00
FR10 – Shorten slide stop pin & chamfer hole on right side of frame 75.00
FR11 – Add plunger detent to slide stop 10.00
FR20 – Mag catch installed, standard length 20.00
FR21 – Extended mag catch installed, .060 longer than standard 25.00 read more

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Custom Pistol Information

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As a retired police officer, my emphasis is on building pistols for duty and self-defense. Reliability, accuracy, safety, and ergonomics are the important elements of a self-defense pistol and I’ve designed these packages with that in mind.

I have chosen some of the best components available and all pistols are built by me, one at a time.  Here is some information about the modifications and parts used. Specific parts and options are listed on each package:

Barrels, Bushings & Guide Rods:

I use stainless steel match barrels for most projects but a Kart carbon steel barrel is also available. A bushing with a thick flange is used along with a standard recoil spring guide and a recoil spring plug. Barrel bushings are fit finger tight so they can be removed by hand without a bushing wrench, which makes it easier to field strip the pistol in the field. If you’d like it fit tighter, please let me know.

Ignition Parts:

My Ultimate ignition parts, which are CNC and EDM machined from high-quality tool steel bar stock, are used. I carefully fit these components to give a crisp 4 to 4.5 lb. trigger pull.


My triggers have solid aluminum shoes with stainless steel bows that are fit to the frame with minimum vertical play. They have a permanent overtravel that will never come loose that are installed in the rear of the trigger so there is not a hole in the front of the trigger shoe. Triggers are available in short and long lengths with smooth surfaces.

Grip Safeties:

The Chip McCormick safety is similar in shape to an Ed Brown grip safety. This is a MIM (metal injection molding) but is high quality and very consistent. Other grips safeties are sometimes used such as those made by S&A and EGW.

Thumb Safeties:

Ed Brown, EGW, and Wilson Bulletproof safeties are used. The Ed Brown is a cast part and the EGW and Wilson Bulletproof are machined from bar stock.  These parts are strong and straight.  The EGW safety comes with a wide lever that I narrow and reshape.  I can cut the rear of the lever at an angle, which is similar in shape to an Ed Brown tactical safety or I can cut a radius on the rear of the lever, which leaves more of the lever intact.  The Wilson safety has a contoured lever that has a lower profile that is more snag resistant.  For those that desire an ambi safety, I prefer the Wilson Bullet Proof.  This is a sturdy part that is stronger than any other ambi that I’ve seen.


I have traditional double diamond checkered cocobolo grips and G10 checkered grips. If you have a choice that is not listed here, please let me know.

Front Strap Textures:

Front straps are available with scallops or 25 line per inch checkering.

Mainspring Housings & Magwells:

Choose from flat mainspring housings with scallops or checkered 25 LPI. Stan Chen’s excellent mainspring housing is also available. The shape of this mainspring housing allows the magazine well chamfer to be cut deep into the mainspring housing giving the widest opening available without adding a mag well.


I use the rear sight made by pistolsmith John Harrison.  This site is nicely shaped and has a ledge that allows you to cycle the slide by pushing it against a solid object but does not have any sharp edges to snag your hand.  This site has a square notch that is .135 wide which allows a little more daylight on both sides of the front sight for a fast target acquisition.  It has fine serrations to eliminate glare and is available without tritium or with 1 or 2 tritium lamps.  Hilton Yam’s excellent 10-8 rear sights are also available.

All front sights are dovetail mounted and secured to the slide with a rolling pin.  Front sights are available with tritium surrounded by a white ring, tritium without a white ring, a gold bead or plain black with serrations.

Slide Options:

Front cocking serrations, ball cuts, and French borders are available options.


Bluing, melonite, hard chrome, NP3 and Tungsten DLC are all available. All pistols receive a “dehorn” where the sharp edges are chamfered and rounded while leaving the pistol’s lines intact.  A light or a heavy chamfer can be applied to the pistol.

Price Quotes & Ordering:

The web page for each pistol has a link for an order form at the bottom of the page and the order form contains a complete list of features, options, and prices. Please send an email or call if you have any questions.  If you would like to discuss your pistol and place an order by phone please give me a call at 512-246-0803. I’ll be happy to discuss your ideas and answer any questions that you have.